20 September, 2011

Tolerate the uncertainty

Okay, so I was being a little dramatic yesterday. It happens to the best of us, right?

I know that God really does have a plan and that he will provide. Home will come soon.

19 September, 2011

Homesick for a place that doesn't exist

For those of you who have grown up and moved out of your parents house, you will know the feeling I'm speaking of. Visiting Mom and Dad's on the weekends feels a little like visiting your middle school when you're in high school. The walls seem very familiar, but then an empty feeling strikes you in the stomach. Of course Mom and Dad's is never as foreign as that school feels, but you get the idea.

Coming back to USA feels like I just walked back into Portsmouth Middle School. The streets are so familiar. The People have the same faces, smiling the same way. The rooms look the same, but everything is different. Them and me. A year has passed.

I just want to go home. Where is home though?