06 October, 2010


By far my favorite part about being here is the children. I absolutely love playing games and hanging out with the kids! There is a boy named Honza or John in English, he is six years old and doesn't talk very much, but he is one of the most joyful people I've ever met. When he laughs, he laughs with his whole soul and it's beautiful.

He was very shy the first time we met, he would hide behind his sister or pretend that he's not listening when I would call him, even though he was siting right next to me. But then I taught him a hand-shake; slap hands, pound fists and then snap. And he began to open up. He would "tag" me when I wasn't looking, expecting me to ran after him and laugh, oh he would laugh so hard.

When we play board games (Connect Four, Frustration-something like Sorry, or others) he has the keen ability of winning. He doesn't always know when he wins, but when he finds out, you can see the joy in his eyes spread through his body. And he is genuinely happy and it makes me happy.

Yesterday, we were with the kids and we began playing a board game that has tokens. Kelsey started stealing his tokens. Honza thought this was hilarious. He started stealing Kelsey's tokens back(there went our game) and laughing so hard he could barely breathe. Kelsey says to him, "kolik?" (How many?) and he opens his hands and shows him and Kelsey stole all his tokens. Honza was already laughing, but this topped it off, he was laughing so hard, with his whole body, his whole soul. It was great. This boy brings joy to my life.

I may not speak his language or get to lead him to Jesus, but I know that I can show him the love of Jesus by making him laugh and holding his hand when we walk to the park and by being his friend.

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