02 October, 2010

Oink, Oink...I love pig!

Jesiko here. As always. Just a writing on my blog...ain't no thang. PS Blog, Do you feel left out? Like we don't encounter often enough? Well, here we are. An unlikely crossing of paths, so what should we speak about? It's been so long. What's funny is- it's like, I don't know what to say to you. And then once I get going, it's like we've never skipped a beat. I really do appreciate the fact that you, um, you've accepted the responsibility of information conduit, without you, I'd either have a higher phone bill or less sores on my finger tips. Anyways, as much as I enjoy your company, I came here to talk to my friends and family. So just know that you're doing a fine job.



Lesson one: In the Czech language nouns, proper nouns, can have seven endings. I'm not exactly sure what they are yet, or in what contexts to use them, but my first formal private Czech lesson begins next week. Let's hope I know more then! :)


Kelsey and I have been vegetarian for quite sometime, but before we left for the CR we decided it would be better to start eating meat because we didn't want to offend anyone who cooked for us and we weren't sure, or more so I wasn't sure if I could make sure we got all the necessary nutrients. So we're eating meat.

The CR is apart of the European Union so this means their quality of meat is held to a much higher standard. No genetically modified foods allowed (including seeds as opposed to Corn and Soy in the States) and the meat, when you see it in the store looks so much more healthier. But this is beside the point. The point I'm trying to get at is that I'm enjoying eating meat.

Growing up I wasn't a huge fan of pig by any means, however, after partaking in meal after meal of pork and ham on most pizzas and bacon for breakfast sandwiches, I must say I might be pig's biggest fan! Yum-my.

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  1. Welcome back to the meat eating community.