30 November, 2010


There is still three weeks of Autumn left and it snowed here! I was happy to see the snow the day before Thanksgiving, it was light and fluffy-looking as it floated down past my window. I was even more happy to see though that it wasn't sticking. I'm not a fan of the snow... at all. Weird that I would pick such a freezing-cold-winter-having country to reside in, huh? Yeah, must have not really thought this one through. Well it snowed Friday and Saturday as well. And it stuck... and it hasn't melted. The temperature stays between 0 and -5 most of the time. I'm complaining I know, but what I'm trying to get at is the exact opposite. If I were in Portland right now I would be miserable. I would hate it. Like I said, I don't like snow, but for some odd reason, I've never been more excited about it. I feel ill-prepared- not the right shoes, or outerwear, but that can be fixed. This morning on the way to work, we go through a couple of patches of nature on the bus- which now looks like grandmother nature took her sift and topped us off with some powdered sugar- but it was beautiful and peaceful looking. Like all the critters are sleeping in a warm place, even the trees-sleeping, dreaming of Arizona. Sounds silly, but nature seems so fragile and delicate right now. Well, except the pigeons- those birds are tough (I saw a few in walking through the snow yesterday)! It's weird, but the cold is comforting to me. I'm enjoying myself.

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