27 April, 2011

It seems I fail at blogging.

I don't have much time left here in the Czech Republic and it really hurts my feelings. I've been doing a lot of thinking and praying, trying to figure out some goals and one of those goals is to blog more. The point of this blog was/is to let others know about my experience and I haven't really done that. So with that, I have come up with a plan that will motivate me to write more. My plan is to assign a theme to each day:

Monday-"Děkuju za.../Prosím za..." (praise reports/prayer requests)
Tuesday-"Confessions with Jessie"
Wednesday "[insert person's name here]"
Thursday-"Photo of the Week"
Saturday-"Word of the Day"

Cross your fingers for me and let's hope I can do this.

PS I will start Monday.

1 comment:

  1. It seems I have failed at blogging too! But I really love your idea. I might just have to steal it (or at least parts of it). GOOD LUCK!