02 May, 2011

Děkuju za.../Prosím za...

Today is the year anniversary of the death of a very dear friend of mine, Blake Webb.

I met him the summer of 2007, the same year I met Kelsey. I remember being really curious about Blake, he had these very blond curls and this small, cute nose and he seemed like a giant! It was phileo-love at first sight.

The next three years were filled with weekends of hang-outs and lots of talks, and I still can't put my finger on everything I learned, but I know Blake's teachings and words linger on in the hearts of many and I am fortunate to be have one of those.

So today, I thank God for Blake's life. For what he did for me in those three, short years I knew him; from weekend visits to when he lived with Kelsey and I. For the love and friendship he gave me and for the things he taught Kelsey. I am so thankful for him.

I am also thankful for his family- for my family. To be blessed with another set of adults that I can call mom and dad, for a beautiful red-head that I can call my sister, and for how welcoming they are to me.

I ask God to please, lift up his family, help them to stay strong and to be courageous.

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