09 May, 2011

Děkuju za.../Prosím za...

I have a lot I can thank God for, really an undeserving amount.

Yesterday was Mother's Day (same here in the Czech Republic) and I am so thankful for mothers, for good mothers! I don't know how I was so lucky to be born to the mother I have, but truly she is a blessing in my life. She has made me who I am and believe it or not, I feel okay when I hear the same things from her mouth coming out of my mouth. One of the many blessings of marriage, is your in-laws and I think I won the in-law lottery because I have a great Mother-in-law.

Please pray for the Bible clubs that Kelsey and I started at two of the children centers. Pray for continuation after we leave and pray for the children in them, that their lives will be positively affected by it.

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