04 May, 2011

[insert name here]

Before I begin, I think I need an intro to this topic...

My hope is that I could write about the people in my life, who directly affect my life. If you happen to find yourself on here and do not want to be, please let me know and I will take the post down.


My younger sister. I guess I can't call her my little sis any more because she is in fact taller than me, but I am okay with this because I can still beat her up (she will argue this, but she will know deep down it is true).

On Sunday evening, I was able to Skype with her; I was surprised and impressed the whole time. The Skyping relationship has been hard to maintain since she is busy with school, six hours behind me in time and I have work during different times of different days. I was sick and I couldn't sleep and I was so excited when I heard the Skype ring and saw my sister's name.

She looked so grown up and beautiful and everything she said was so well thought out. She wasn't being her crazy, spastic self, putting on an entertaining show for everyone, she was being her, and she was being intelligent and I was really shocked. This girl, that I have known her whole life, made me feel old and proud and weird all at once.

Jennifer is one of the people in my life that knows most about me, the experiences I have had-good and bad. I love her so much and I'm glad that not only is she my sister, but also my friend.

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